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Meltblown Cloth Machine

Use special melt-blown PE packaging bags and carton packaging to reduce secondary pollution during transportation and use.

The melt-blown nonwoven process uses high-speed hot air to draw a thin stream of polymer melt extruded from the die orifice of the die, thereby forming ultra-fine fibers and condensing on the condensed screen curtain, and relying on itself to form a non-woven Weaving cloth EQUIPMENTS
  • Width:1600
  • Mechanical speed :100m/min
  • Production speed :25m/min-----40m/min
  • Maximum extrusion :80-100kg/h(kn95)

Powder extrusion system

Suitable for mixing all kinds of pp materials to ensure even feeding.

High-precision grinding and aging screw

Stabilize the pipeline flow to ensure stable supply.

Constant temperature monitoring system, closed-loop pressure adjustment.

Constant pressure monitoring system, closed-loop pressure regulation

Mould and spinning system

Designed according to strict runner requirements All imported 630 materials Multi-frequency temperature control insulation system



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